"SapientNitro gave me the opportunity to leverage everything I’ve learned from my varied career and push the India division of a global corporation in a new direction."

It all began with a piano...

“My main interest in life was to do something with music,” said Zarul, Digital Media Lead at SapientNitro. Who would have thought that he would realize his dream at a company that grew out of the technology industry? Yet that’s exactly what happened.

Though the piano was his first love, Zarul was one of those kids that had to tinker with anything mechanical. As an adult, his many passions tugged him in multiple career directions across the globe from studying sociology in Japan to publishing an album in London to teaching English in China to producing TV shows on one of India’s leading media channels. Luckily, Zarul’s father was there at his many career crossroads to encourage him to follow his heart.

An Unusual and Life-Changing Job Interview at SapientNitro

His advice proved critical when Zarul was deciding his next career move in India. He had to choose between a traditional job offer at a major American electronics company and a rather atypical one at SapientNitro.

“A director met me in front of the office and took me out for coffee. There were none of the standard formalities and pretenses.”

“By the end of the interview he said, “I want you on board even if I’m not sure what I want you to do. We’ll figure it out as we go along.” Following his father’s counsel to never let his fear decide his fate, Zarul took the job at SapientNitro.

Building “The Digital Media Studio” Start-up Style at SapientNitro

Never happy with the status quo, Zarul has continued to push the envelope at SapientNitro. Seeing an opportunity for SapientNitro India’s division to dive into the new global video trend, he lobbied to create a high definition video, audio and music production studio.

It was a bold proposal from a newcomer, but to his surprise, the project was green-lighted resulting in one of the first in-house, full-fledged digital media units at an Indian tech company. “It’s been a labor of love,” said Zarul. “We lugged the sound proofing foam in my car and hung it up ourselves, picked up machines on our own rather than wait two weeks for delivery, and found someone to donate a couch. It was like a start-up for us.”

Storytelling in the Digital Media Age

Zarul started with just one other team mate working on internal audio and video jobs. Now they’ve grown into a diverse group including musicians, photographers and artists with years of experience in the broadcast industry.

“We’re passionate about filming, motion graphics, editing, 3D and ultimately delivering a compelling and rewarding audio/visual experience. Working in hybrid teams with SapientNitro techies and business types, our varied skill set brings about an ideation process that gives each project a unique twist. We’re telling stories, or what we call ‘storyscaping’ - using the power of video and the scale of systems thinking to connect brands to their clients in an always on world.”

A Thrilling Experience at SapientNitro

Zarul concluded, “SapientNitro gave me the opportunity to leverage everything I’ve learned from my varied career and push the India division of a global corporation in a new direction.”

“It’s been a thrilling experience that I owe to SapientNitro’s work culture that encourages its people to seize opportunities and realize new possibilities.”


Senior Manager Creative Operations, SapientNitro

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