There are immense opportunities all around us. However, most of us unfortunately miss opportunities either not being proactive or thinking of them to be nothing more than a problem and no one is interested in getting into a problem. Right?

When I joined Sapient Global Markets 3 years back, I already had close to 10 years of diverse experience in technology for several years and with experience across diverse domains like Logistics, Retail and Capital Markets. I wanted to open new doors of opportunities for me- something that would expand my horizon way beyond what I had achieved till then. The question was how? Below are tit bits from my journey which talks about what I did differently.



Do not shy away from facing challenges and overcoming your fears. I was hired as the Project Manager for a newly acquired reference data project for a prestigious asset management firm. I was required to work in an
extremely tight schedule, with very demanding clients, a new team and a new product/platform that was quite nascent in the industry.

I took these challenges head on and spent long working
hours, collaborated with India & US teams, influenced several difficult stakeholders, and showed progress. There was a lot of synergy in the team, the atmosphere was buzzing with positive energy and everyone was highly motivated to deliver their best & haul up the ship. The way everyone collaborated, joined hands and hit the ground running said a lot about the culture of Sapient.

Soon, I was given an opportunity to lead projects in Reference data, Business Intelligence Reporting and Digital transformation for various other clients too.



You can’t always keep waiting for opportunities to arise. Great things happen when you seek opportunities. Typically my first step as an effective specialist started with self-analysis and self-evaluation. During an informal chat with leadership, I shared my keenness to complete PMP certification. They were very supportive and encouraged me to invest in my self-improvement and learning.  I completed my certification in 2015, which boosted my confidence as a PM greatly.

During this time I also actively got involved with the Sapient Global Markets’ Methodology Team which involved taking sessions on project management topics like estimation, project planning, agile coaching and capital markets domain along with reviewing projects for best practices and providing recommendations for improvement.



It’s easy to think of career advancement as a straight line. But what if there was another approach? Along with your “vertical growth” where you push yourself to achieve more, there is another type of growth that you should invest in and that is called “lateral growth”. Lateral growth refers to exposing oneself to new ideas and experiences. The ownership of lateral growth completely lies with us.

Luckily, Sapient encourages lateral growth across various domains. Although my core skill set is program management, I have been actively involved in organization wide initiatives like women leadership network, campus hiring, thought leadership forums and webinars. There are no restrictions to the areas you can get involved in; you just need to have passion to follow it through.



The technology landscape is changing at such a fast pace. Embrace media like blogs, webinars and podcasts to learn new technologies. Attend technology conferences- lot of them are also free to register. Sapient always encourages employees to become early adopters of new technologies. We have an online learning tool to register for all technology, domain and soft skill trainings.

Other than my core area of responsibility, Sapient has given me an opportunity to work extensively on new technologies like Blockchain with seasoned/new technologists, business consultants, fintech leaders.

There are requests for proof of concepts from clients for which business analysts, technologists are required. These provide excellent opportunities to individuals to contribute and learn over and above their billable roles/day jobs. It’s a great opportunity to keep oneself relevant and up to date.



One of the best things about being at a workplace that
ensures a positive and challenge driven culture is that it does not let you become complacent and that is the key to growth. You need to keep re-inventing yourself, re skilling yourself to be with/ahead of the game and the competitive consulting industry. I have moved from a pure project management role, to account management, technology and product evaluations, consulting and a host of other diverse things. There are no limits imposed on me; in fact there are enough avenues to further my diverse interests within the organization. Sapient Global Markets is quite flat in the sense that you do not need to be leader-by-title but by your attitude, performance and results. All leaders “walk the talk” and have truly high standards. We have “Troublemakers” who’ve tread the path, not had it easy and still reached where they have, at an astonishing pace, to mentor and guide you.

I am delighted to say that being part of Sapient Global
Markets has proven to be every bit and more of the promise and challenge it held when I joined. It is one of the most positively aggressive organizations I have worked for till date.  

TOP TIP: There are no readymade opportunities or
solutions– explore the warrior in you; encourage yourself to experiment and take up the risk; be the Leaders of tomorrow, make circumstances an opportunity for you to grow. Do you think you have it in you to be the next leader?


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