"If you are willing to take the initiative, the sky is literally the limit for you at SapientNitro."

“I’m definitely what you’d call a fresher but after one year at SapientNitro, I’ve racked up a ton of mileage designing game-changing User Experience (UX) projects for SapientNitro and its list of global clients.”

Suffiyan added "When I left my job in Chennai to move back to my hometown Bangalore, I had my pick of multiple offers. After researching each company's past work, SapientNitro became the obvious choice. As a new breed of agency, SapientNitro's solutions stood out not only in their intense creativity and variation but in their perfection from conceptualization to branding to execution. I was excited about the prospect of being involved in such a dynamic company and to learn from leading experts."

Vive la différence – Long Live Diversity at SapientNitro!

Right off the bat, Suffiyan knew that he made the right choice. "In most companies, my class would have consisted of people just like me. Not at SapientNitro. I was in a room with individuals from business, technology, project management etc. etc. and I was the only UX guy! I knew right then that this was not going to be any ordinary job and that I’d better fasten my seatbelt for a wild ride.”


Taking the Lead, One Month In

Reflecting SapientNitro's culture of trust and innovation, Suffiyan was made the lead of a project within the first month. "SapientNitro was gearing up for its second Idea Exchange Event in Bangalore. They put me in charge of collecting feedback from the audience. Since this was a new conference, we wanted to maximize the quantity and quality of comments. I didn't have much faith in the standard black and white feedback forms. I wanted to upgrade and fully customize the experience."

His vision: handwritten content on crafted paper enclosed in an envelope with each attendee's name hand-written.

"It was a pretty crazy and resource intensive idea and we only had three days. Much to my surprise, my lead told me to go for it. Before I knew it, I was developing budgets, sourcing paper, organizing volunteers. I truly owned the project. In the end we had nearly 100% participation. The kicker – the feedback forms got the best evaluation on the feedback form."

Everyone Is Here to Learn

Suffiyan’s SapientNitro experience continued to confirm the company’s reputation for having an open and flat hierarchy. “I’m the youngest person in my team. But people don’t relate to me as a fresher because everyone is here to learn.”

“People listen to you if you have an amazing idea or if you think something isn’t right.” For example, Suffiyan recently made it to the podium for the Sapient Domain Connect Challenge. This is a Bangalore hosted event where anyone at Sapient can submit ideas for potential client projects.

After many rounds of screening his team became one of the top three finalists. "Sapient is funding our team to fully flesh out our idea. Plus, we got awesome feedback from Alan Wexler – executive vice president and managing director for North America and Europe. He was very impressed with what we showcased."

Hackathons and Hard Work

“I’ve had opportunities here that I never expected,” said Suffiyan. "I was thrilled when my lead asked me to represent SapientNitro at a Windows 8 App Hackathon. I thought that he would send someone far more senior." Suffiyan and his team proved their mettle at this event by setting a Guinness World Record. They got their app submitted and approved by Windows 8 experts in fewer than 10 hours. In addition to record-timing, Suffiyan's team was chosen out of the 2,567 participants to present their app in person to the Head of Windows Development at Microsoft India. Microsoft’s comment: "I don't see a reason why this app is not already in the marketplace and the most downloaded news app on Windows."

Based on his success Suffiyan was asked by his lead to participate in the Yahoo!

Agency Hack where his team - in competition with top agencies such as Ogilvy, Digitas, Times Mobile Group, and Web Chutney - won the bronze medal for their advertisement publishing platform for production houses.

“I can confidently say that the game-changing work I’m doing at

SapientNitro isn’t happening anywhere else.” But this kind of innovation doesn't come without hard work. Suffiyan continued,

"I've had a 73 hour work week as well as a couple sleepovers at SapientNitro. But you can't make the next big thing by doing a 9-5 job. If you are willing to take the initiative, the sky is literally the limit for you at SapientNitro. And I say that from my own experience."


Information Architect, SapientNitro

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