"We know that success lies not in our part of the project but in the project as a whole. As such, we’re all willing to help out and to ask for help when we need it."

Never a Dull Day at SapientNitro

According to Shefali, “Life at SapientNitro is never stagnant.” She should know given the many metamorphoses her job has taken at the company. “I started at Sapient in delivery where I had spent most of my career. After a couple years, I was ready for a change. My supervisor responded in signature Sapient style – a willingness to help me chart a new course. With his backing, I found my way into support services where I helped SapientNitro become one of the first consulting firms in India to adopt the iterative agile methodological approach to software development.”

Building a Sales Support Team from Scratch

After a couple more years, Shefali was ready for the next hurdle. “Once again I approached my supervisor, and once again I found myself facing a new challenge.” This time Shefali was put in charge of creating a sales support team in India - from scratch. “The sales team in the US was limited by its capacity to respond to RFPs. We fixed the problem by taking on all the background RFP work. We researched the companies, created itineraries for client visits, and made sure each pitch was pitch-perfect. To meet the demand, we had to grow from two people to 25 in three years.”

Running The Studio

Fast-forward to today and Shefali is Director of The Studio at SapientNitro. “During my tenure, the company has continuously outpaced other global technology leaders. A critical move was the launch of SapientNitro two years ago in which the company morphed from being a pure-play technology company to a newly conceived digital agency.

In this new incarnation, we’re mixing imagination with systems thinking to enable clients to seamlessly connect with their customers with a consistent brand story across a growing array of channels from mobile to web to in-store.”

The Studio is responsible for the creative side of SapientNitro. “My team is made up of the interactive development, user experience and advertising talent at the company. We’re all experts in our fields, but we’re uniquely able to deliver cutting-edge digital marketing solutions because we can see beyond our piece of the puzzle. We’re aligned with the larger strategy and get the big picture. We’re in dialogue with technology from project conceptualization to implementation. As a result we can improvise on the fly and adapt our work in a marketing environment consistently at the mercy of digital innovations.”

The Juggle

When people ask Shefali how she manages the demands of work and life, she has one word, “trust.” “Trust is at the core of the company’s value system. It drives our policies like flex time. Because the company believes in my passion and commitment, I’m able to organize my hours around my daughter’s schedule; to have a rich family life – any parent's dream.” Shefali continued, “Trust in the company doesn’t just flow top down but from peer-to-peer.” Because SapientNitro believes in us, we believe in each other. There’s a SapientNitro ‘type.’ We’re not just experts in our field, but in the skills as well. During my nine years at Sapient, someone has always come to my aid when I need it. The trust I have in my co-workers and vice versa to get the job done helps me shoulder the demands of my job and strive to be the best I can be.”


Director Program Management, SapientNitro

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