"At SapientNitro, the culture encourages you to push the technical boundaries and propose new ideas – no matter how junior or senior you are."

Not your usual success story

“To compete in today’s market; leading global brands need to create rich and engaging online experiences to form powerful and meaningful connections with their customers. No company does this as well as SapientNitro,” says Ravi who began his career with the company eleven years ago. Back then, he was a C++ engineer and as green as they get. Now he’s a Director of Technology.

“I think my success at SapientNitro surprised a lot of people,” said Ravi. “I was a C++ coder from a non-IIT-status college with no work experience. But, I was able to increase my expertise exponentially because of SapientNitro’s game-changing, end-to-end work.

I went from one exciting project to the next picking up proficiencies in CMS solutions, Commerce platforms, Performance-scalability, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Level 2 Support, Data-Warehousing and more. Plus I was traveling across the US and Europe managing clients in a multitude of business scenarios. Now I am able to apply my know-how in all these areas and manage some of the world’s largest ecommerce installations that weave brand stories into the digital transaction process whether it be mobile, web or in-store.”

Ravi credits SapientNitro’s dynamic work environment for his success. “I won’t kid you. I put in a lot of hours to get where I am today. But it never seemed like drudgery. At SapientNitro, the culture encourages you to push the technical boundaries and propose new ideas – no matter how junior or senior you are. This sense of ownership fuels our appetite for more industry-firsts and keeps us going through rough times.”

When asked what happens when initiatives fail, Ravi answered, “You can’t have innovation without failure. SapientNitro doesn’t penalize individuals for disappointing results as long as you respect the company’s culture of openness and honesty.”

Engineering the Creative

Ravi could go anywhere in this market with his background, but he’s staying at SapientNitro because he believes the company has a vision for creating the ultimate mash-up between creative and systems-thinking. “Companies that master seamless conversations between these two disciplines will dominate the market,” said Ravi. “At SapientNitro creative imagines, or “storyscapes” game-changing consumer experiences. These ideas are brought to life by engineers like me.”

To pull off this heavy lifting, SapientNitro engineers need to be in tight formation with creative, with firmly established feedback loops for institutional knowledge building. “Being part of the conceptualization process enables my engineers to absorb new market directives from creative without development delays. There’s no way we could do this if we were continuously creating new management layers with different creative firms.”

He continued, “Our unparalleled work in terms of scale and emotional impact is turning fantasy into reality and enabling world-leading corporations to engage with their customers in previously unimagined ways.”

Work/Wife Balance

Sapient hasn’t just been Ravi’s job. It’s been his life. “My wife and I met at Sapient and have continued to grow our careers here while bringing up our three year old.” SapientNitro has also provided Ravi with a rich and supportive community of colleagues. “We share a common philosophy that work isn’t an individual but rather a team sport. I’ve built strong and deep relations with co-workers that are made for life even with people who are no longer with SapientNitro.”

Eleven years later, Ravi is sold on the energetic atmosphere at SapientNitro. "I look forward to getting up in the morning and going to work every day." How many people do you know who can say that?


Director of Technology, SapientNitro

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