"The interview was not just an evaluation but a revelation of what I should strive to become next. I loved the open feedback that flowed both ways, a contrast to my usual interviewing experiences elsewhere."

Eight years ago Rajesh Rengasamy, Senior Specialist Platform for Microsoft Capabilities, resigned from his previous organization to join Sapient Global Markets. He cites “The interview was not just an evaluation but a revelation of what I should strive to become next. I loved the open feedback that flowed both ways, a contrast to my usual interviewing experiences elsewhere.”

He adds, “The last nail was when I was asked to write a snippet of the code for the design I was putting forward in the interview. As much as I like taking important decisions, I also like to implement some of these decisions with my fellow developers.”

When Rajesh joined Sapient, there were certain things that made him very nervous – open office space with no cubicles, a team roaring cheers at 9:00 a.m., whiteboards everywhere with little empty space to write. He says after the three to six months that followed, he couldn’t imagine working in a workplace that wouldn’t have any of that.

Becoming a Change Maker

His first turning point came when he was inducted as part of the Sapient Global Markets Capabilities team. “The freedom I received from Sapient Global Market’s Technology Capabilities Lead was just great who let me experiment with ways we could engage and support the delivery teams was just great. With this guidance, we devised a consulting strategy (play in/play out) that formed the very basis of how we operate today,” he says.

He adds, “Being part of the capabilities team helped me see wide range of technology implementations across Global Markets. It also adds to agility as one has to respond faster to situations.”

Rajesh is a firm believer in the saying “One cannot do the same thing again and again, expecting different results every time.” At Sapient Global Markets, experimentation is encouraged and not frowned upon,” he notes, adding the fact that he doesn’t have to repeat what he did the previous day makes him feel afresh every day.

Asked to pick one exciting project, he responds “It is difficult to pick engagements as each of them has been interesting. But if I have to choose just one, the product that we developed for a meta-data driven data feed accelerator platform stands out. We tried several engineering techniques before deciding on what helps us improve quality, and learnt an important lesson – different teams need not have same engineering quality goals and strategies. This was contrary to my past belief.”

While spending time at this project, he developed a keen interest in complex event processing (CEP) and its applications in Global Markets and started researching on the same. He shared his learnings through a webinar in Techgig, one of the largest technology communities in India—a speaker  session at Redefining Perspectives, a flagship forum for budding technology architects facilitated by Sapient Global Markets. He also published his point of view on CEP in SGM Crossings as a whitepaper.

After seven years, he now leads the Sapient Global Markets Microsoft Capabilities Team, which trains budding architects, creates opportunities for aspiring technologists to work on cutting edge technologies, consults delivery projects to help lay a solid architecture/design, and helps other teams to better their engineering quality. Rajesh is truly a change maker with respect to the innovation and knowledge he brings to our organization.


Senior Manager, Sapient Global Markets

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