"Take risks, go into unknown territories and make mistakes."

Puja's career journey at Sapient Global Markets spans over 10 years and has seen her grow from a manager to a Portfolio delivery lead for our North American buy-side clients. She is responsible for running large scale transformation projects for big asset manager clients at Sapient Global Markets. She is also Sapient Global Market’s first woman Vice President.

She notes that she has seen the industry evolve rapidly in the last few years. “There is much more fierce competition than earlier. It has become even more critical for each individual to think about what he or she is bringing to the table so that they can stand out in the crowd. It’s a world of specialization versus generalization.”

Redefining boundaries between work and life

Puja is a role model for many women who struggle to balance career growth with their personal life. She says, "The key lies in defining boundaries, prioritizing and setting expectations with everyone around you - your clients, family and colleagues. There will be times when you will fail at one or more things. During those times, remember it's okay to fail as far as you know your rebound mechanisms. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back if you finish the journey even a little bit wiser than when you started."

Becoming a transformation catalyst

Puja is a trusted advisor for our clients, an active participant in our Women’s Leadership network, and is wholeheartedly committed to our core values.

According to Puja, "a leader who doesn’t learn succumbs." She adds that Sapient Global Markets provides an extremely supportive work environment giving her the courage to take risks, go into unknown territories, and make mistakes while learning from them.

As part of the leadership team, Puja is responsible for running operations and ensuring that Sapient culture is infused in every step of the way. Puja is passionate about coaching others and writing, and she is currently working on getting certified as a professional coach.

Puja is truly a transformation catalyst in terms of the ways she is trying to create new leaders at Sapient Global Markets.


Delivery Lead, Vice President, Sapient Global Markets


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