"I consciously decided to take a step back in my career because I wanted to spend time at a company like SapientNitro which gave me ample opportunities to learn new technologies."

Eight years ago, Kumar Gaurav, Senior Manager, Interactive Development, took an unusual career path—he went from being a team lead at a previous organization to join SapientNitro as a Developer.

“I consciously decided to take a step back in my career because I wanted to spend time at a company like SapientNitro which gave me ample opportunities to learn new technologies,” said Kumar.

Four months into his first project as a front-end developer, Kumar was given an opportunity by his manager to lead his team. Shortly after, he was promoted to the role of a manager to lead all the front end developers in the account.

“I was working with a small team of five to six people. As a front-end developer I was responsible for delivering an all-round experience for a renowned brand. That meant being entrusted with more and more responsibilities and chances to prove myself,” Kumar said. 

A personalized career

Kumar notes that SapientNitro is the place for people who aspire to become leaders in their own field with a wide array of career trajectories available to them.

Given the broad spectrum of interesting projects available at the company, there are always ample opportunities for technology architects, programmers, creative technologists and visualizers to grow and develop their careers.


“One can visualize a long-term career at SapientNitro,” said Kumar.That also makes SapientNitro one of the best places for fresh graduates, says Kumar.

“SapientNitro knows the importance of fundamentals and pays particular attention to it,” said Kumar. “As a technology-oriented organization, it also realizes that all technologists cannot have the same career path.”

One project that Kumar has been closely involved with includes building a responsive website for a car racing company. The goal was to create a site that would give a seamless experience across all platforms.

“We achieved this by developing a path-breaking multichannel solution that was cost-effective yet powerful,” said Kumar. “It provided a significantly better fan experience and was truly game changing with respect to all other sports platforms that focus primarily on media and not fans.”

The platform, which is accessible across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices, also facilitates authors to create content once and then expose it over all channels seamlessly. This was made possible by a high performance design that deals with huge amounts of data and an engaging visual experience. The solution also handled scalability, content adaptation and native feature implementations making it a cutting-edge implementation.


Leadership opportunities

Kumar credits his success to his go getter attitude and the opportunity SapientNitro accords.

“I am as excited as I was during my initial days at SapientNitro. I walk in every day with all the enthusiasm of a fresher and excitement of what’s going to happen today.” Kumar has been nominated for awards such as the Founders Award, India Core Value Awards as well as several team-level awards.

However, he values recognition more than awards. He believes that in the long run, people are motivated by everyday motivations.

When Kumar’s not working on client projects he spends time on incubating innovation and collaboration within the community through events like the XTSummit and Hackathon.

Going forward, he sees himself giving the technology community better delivery processes, better technology capabilities and a stable career path for technologists.



Director, Interactive Development, SapientNitro

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