"At SapientNitro, you get to see a new company every day. And the best example is the way it has incarnated from an IT company to a new breed agency."

Getting smart by meeting the smartest

Not all of us get carried away by lucrative job offers unless there is something really exceptional about the offer! And later wonder how that one decision reshapes our career story? It happens when you meet several smart people who can estimate your potential and motivate you to dream and do big!

"I was not really looking for a job change as I was enjoying work at my previous organization," says Karishma Gupta, Director, Program Management.

That's when an acquaintance coaxed me to send her my resume for SapientNitro. Having considered my half-baked resume, I was called for an interview. "I was extremely impressed by the entire hiring process and the number of smart people that I interacted with during the interview." This truly proved to be a turning point for me and I told myself, "This is where I got to be!"

The Transformation – From non IT to IT and now to a New Breed Agency

A post graduate in Business Economics, Karishma started her career with a well-known knowledge and learning based company and after having spent a few years in the US joined SapientNitro as a Program Manager in the summer of 2005. Karishma states, "It's been a wonderful journey for a person with a non IT background to venture into the IT domain and getting to know the nitty-gritties of it, and now, relearning what it means to be digital, and to be a new breed agency." At SapientNitro, with a plethora of opportunities to showcase her forte, Karishma has managed everything from an internal PPG launch to managing a client's end-to-end omni-channel transformation. “The trust SapientNitro bestows on its people is the driving force behind my success. And that’s one strong reason why I have been here for over 9 years now."

SapientNitro – A New Company Every Day

Every assignment has its own set of challenges. From creating a capable team of out-of-the-world think-tanks to project deliveries, every moment is a challenge and such challenges evolve you as a company as Karishma candidly states, "At SapientNitro, you get to see a new company every day. And the best example is the way it has incarnated from an IT company to a new breed agency."

At SapientNitro every project storyscapes into an experience. As Karishma points out, "There was this well-known Swiss based multi brand global client of ours for whom we had to strategize a roadmap for their commerce business. It involved several parameters from designing, maintenance, implementation to managing operations across all geographies – India, North America, Latin America, Europe, and Japan. That project proved to be a turning point in my career at SapientNitro and the client was exceptionally proud of the results we delivered."

We need BIG Thinkers, BIG Doers and Explorers

A dedicated member of the Women's Leadership Network, Karishma has contributed a lot to promote gender diversity at SapientNitro – from panel discussions to mentoring women to leading office initiatives, she has done it all. And with that insight and her own experience, Karishma believes that women who are ready to make a big change in their career and in the world - would love to work for SapientNitro!

An avid globe-trotter when not developing strategies and managing operations and teams, Karishma likes to explore places and capture the captivating ambience of mother nature through her shutterbug.


Director, Program Management, SapientNitro

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