"I have to admit, I was jealous of the work my sister was doing at SapientNitro."

How many companies do you know that can count twins in their midst? Ishu and Anshu are just one example of twins at SapientNitro. They don’t just look alike. They think alike too.

They grew up honing their creative skills, majored in commerce and wound up in web-designing – neither of them satisfied with their chosen careers. Find out how Ishu and Anshu – only a few years out of college - are paving a new future for themselves at SapientNitro – and having fun while they're at it.

It started with Ishu

According to Ishu, "My first job was in design but after a couple years I felt restless. So, I took a chance and accepted a job in the Interactive Division at SapientNitro." It was at SapientNitro where she discovered her career path. "It was refreshing to work at a company that saw a future for Interactive Developers.

There were nearly 300 of us and a career ladder to climb. Plus, I was impressed by the breakthrough work that my managers were accomplishing. I wanted to follow in their footsteps."

Her manager tasked her with mastering Javascript and JQuery by her first year at SapientNitro – a tall order since she had never worked in either of these areas before. But within one year, Ishu was made the sole site developer on a large corporate client. "I was able to handle the job because of the top-notch technical training and managerial mentoring I received at SapientNitro. I might be a junior, but at SapientNitro I’ve become a player on the cutting edge, creating a new type of storytelling for an always on world."

Then Came Anshu

"I have to admit, I was jealous of the work my sister was doing at SapientNitro," said Anshu. "I felt like I was toiling away in my design job doing the same thing over and over while she was part of a culture of game-changing people and expanding her career at SapientNitro.

Plus, she kept bragging about all the fun events at SapientNtiro."

Ishu, on the other hand, never encouraged Anshu to join her at any of her other jobs. But SapientNitro was different. "Being just like me

– hungry to learn and tackle new challenges - I knew my sister would thrive here." One year after arriving, Ishu was reunited with her sister at SapientNitro in the Interactive Team.

Work Hard Play Hard

It's true they work hard, but both Ishu and Anshu are astonished by how much they have grown at SapientNitro. According to Ishu, "On my project, I'm the one making decisions, talking to the client and in discussions with managers. The experience has massively bolstered my self-confidence and belief in myself."

“The extensive career-building opportunities at SapientNitro are preparing me for the future,” said Anshu. “We have “learning sessions” every 15 days on various industry topics.

As a result, I'm positioned to shift into new areas, like mobile, when the opportunity arises.”

"Plus it is fun," continued Ishu. "There’s always some kind of internal event going on. We had a talent show for Diwali. I was really impressed by my colleagues' hidden talents.

I'm also proud to say that I was the winner of a SapientNitro t-shirt designing contest."

"I enjoy the Women's Leadership Network," said Anshu. We have regular meet-ups to discuss career advancement issues specific to women as well as parties with excellent food."

"Mom is also doubly happy!

It's not just my sister and I are that are happy. My mom is too. She appreciates SapientNitro's concern about our personal safety whether it is the office or cab service. Most of all, she’s proud of us and the future that we’re building for ourselves at SapientNitro."


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