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Apr 08 2016

Sapient India looks for 'Troublemakers'


The agency has launched an innovative campaign as an HR recruitment exercise



It's often the troublemakers who are pulled up for doing what they know best - brewing trouble (be it in classrooms, boardrooms, or even homes). But, wait. Are you a troublemaker? If you answered that in the affirmative, there's some good news for you! And the good news is that Sapient India, a part of Publicis.Sapient, in a move to attract talent, has rolled out its latest campaign called Troublemakers.


Hinged upon the insight that disruption breeds innovation, the agency is on the lookout for what it calls 'a rare breed of extraordinary minds that are not afraid to break boundaries in digital innovation and transformation'. As part of the same, the agency has created the microsite www.troublemakers.co.in, which defines what a 'troublemaker' is and invites people to take a quiz to find out if they are the 'misfits' who would fit in with the agency's requirements. The agency, in a press release, says that it hopes to increase its headcount by 20 per cent by the end of 2016.


"Businesses today seek partners that can guide them through the journey of digital transformation. The Troublemakers campaign is our way of attracting the kind of people who can fuse creativity and technology, along with an understanding of brands and consumers to solve business problems. Such people are important for the success of our clients, as well as our business," says Rajdeep Endow, managing director, Sapient India.


"The Troublemakers campaign is a mission to challenge the conventional. With its disruptive attitude, this unique breed makes trouble that we believe is good, which is the need of the hour for organisations today. We believe the connected millennials today are gifted with the passion and curiosity that aligns well with our vision," adds K V Sridhar (Pops), chief creative officer, SapientNitro India.


Interesting print creatives are also a part of the two-month long campaign which point towards the fact that the agency is hunting for non-conformists, dynamic and impact-driven individuals who can actually think out-of-the-box and who choose to stay relevant in a constantly changing world by dealing with challenging situations at work.


The campaign also includes two one-minute digital films titled 'Compliment Generator' and 'English To English Translator'which shows the difference between a 'people-pleaser employee' who can do anything to earn his share of appreciation in stark contrast with the one who cross-questions everything that happens at the workplace by speaking his mind rather than accepting things blindly as they are.


The campaign will be visible across all physical and digital media, social channels, and outdoors in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru, and experiential installations in all Sapient offices.

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